I have utterly outdone myself, and i’m a downright disappointment. We had WSS training today- the 2nd one. They totally immersed us into the whole program within 10 minutes of starting, and even the most confuzzled ones had to adapt right away. And of course we were caught off guard. 😦

All i can say is that i’m really not skill competent.:( To quote, “Basically, (your) clinical skills cannot make it.” This was how bad it was. The whole session was a very stressful one. Back to the books and practicing again!

The only good things i could do were to talk and communicate with the patient. Right. Anyone can do that. Seems like i’m all talk and no action- ask me about medical/nursing, i can answer. Get me to communicate with patients, consider it done. But i’m sorely lacking in my skills. I really wonder how i passed my skill assessments.

The whole experience was a very stressful one. Under the watchful eye of lecturers and peers and evaluations by the lecturers there and then. But the lecturers were all very kind and helpful to us! They may be harsh sometimes, but it’s for the better! They provided so much food for us, we felt so bad! There was so much food left, one of the trainers had to ‘force-feed’ us!

I’m not angry with the trainer for telling me that- i’m just angry at how i let myself go to such a level of even not knowing the most basic nursing skills. But in a way, it’s good. It’s a wake up call to brush up on what i should know. If not, i’d be like most others, performing patient care shoddily. I’m expecting more of myself.

MORE Steph!!! You can do this! You’re better than a ‘cannot make it’!!! For now, EXAM worrying time. I’ll put WSS aside and study study study.


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