Off to London and Surrey!

Taken on the road the last time i was in UK.

Flying off to London in about 5 hours time. Leaving home soon. I still have socks that i have yet to buy- Sam’s buying them for me. My nursing uniform is still not packed in because i have no idea how to pack them in without them creasing. *hmph* My handcarry is so heavy with my DSLR, Canon Ixus, med-surg handbook, leggings and thigh-high socks etc. I’m quite surprised that my luggage still has space, but it must be because it’s a new and bigger luggage. I’m not looking forward to handcarrying my coat. Looks like it’s a lot to carry.

Don’t know why, but i’m not even excited to go. WHY?!  I’m sure Surrey is a beautiful place, and London as usual, will be amazing. We’re going Portobello Market as well, so that’s good. I’m just sad we can’t get to take the Tube! I loved travelling on their public transport! But we’re a big group of 40. Heck.

Ok off to get ready to leave the house!!! I’ll try to get internet access when i’m there! I hope i don’t freeze there!


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