Tired. I wamted to attempt to slowly ease my bio-clock back starting Sunday. But i freaking woke up at 2pm, which is 6am in London, the same time we wake up every morning.

I slept at 1am last night, and i woke up automatically at 4am. Sheesh. At least i could still survive on that amount of sleep.

Tomorrow will be worse. Morning shift at 7am. 😦 I just took a nap despite telling myself not to. Don’t know if i can sleep later… First day in the ward. I’m kinda looking forward to it, but after what happened today, i’m a little scared. What i did for wound dressing today will be the 1st and the last time it’ll ever occur. I don’t even know why my clinical instructor did that. I shouldn’t have followed anyway. I’m a lousy nurse. 😦

Results will be released at 8am. I’m in trepidation. I know i won’t do well. I know i won’t. I might even get a fail/subpass for my psych paper. 😥 My results are prolly not even near the previous results, seeing that i’m not even a candidate for OIPP anymore. I’m very sure my GPA will drop. OMG. I feel like dying right now…


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