Results :(

Out of 8 modules the past semester i have:

  • 6 As
  • 1 Distinction
  • 1 C+

Yes it’s good. I got the distinction for Pharmacology, like the last semester. I wanted to get a distinction for Adult Nursing too, but neh… The surprising one was the psychology paper- i thought i was i gonna fail, or at least a D. But i guess they moderated…

The fucking thing is that i got a C+ for a 14 credit clinical module- all my other modules are only weighed at 2-4 credits. So imagine my horror… My GPA only improved by 0.027, which made me so upset! This is the reason why i couldn’t get into OIPP!!! C’mon! All As except a C+! 😥

I may appeal, but i’ve spoken to my mentor about it. This doesn’t make sense at all.

But then again, i’m glad that my all my nocturnal studying without sleep paid off well.


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