RA update

My right shoulder hurts badly now, even though it’s passive. Yet another hit on my shoulder, and a gentle reminder that RA in the shoulders can be really nasty. One of the worse pains of my RA happen in my shoulders.

It seems i have a new joint involvement- right 5th PIP. It’s having crepitus now and a little pain.

My left foot still feels peculiar after periods of rest. And i feel awfully stiff after sitting on the couch for a long time. Morning stiffness isn’t even that bad.


I’ve been making a conscious effort to pop my HCQ pills every night since Sunday. So far so good. Need to be compliant. If not i should just mention to my rheumy that i don’t want HCQ anymore. But anyway, it’s a miracle that my RA is all good even until now. It’s almost April and i’m still going strong!!! Things will only get better for sure!!!


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