Communication in the ward

We had a patient in the cubicle with RA, although his chief complaint wasn’t regarding RA.

He was already in his middle ages, looked a little grumpy and appeared drowsy and sleepy. Yet i wanted so badly to talk to him. So when i did approach him later into my shift, he warmed up to me. I’m glad. Although i didn’t do much in terms of showing empathy, but i lent a listening ear and talked to him about his social background. When it was about time for meto go, he said in all his life and the times he had been hospitalised, no one has ever spoken to him so much, so long. By that i knew that i made a little difference, however small. I even brought him to walk along the corridors of the ward, seeing that he was in bed the whole day.

We talked about RA, and the joints that were affected in him. We complained and sighed about how our DMARDs were so expensive- he was also on Arava, but at 20mg/day, making it almosr S$50 per week. It felt quite nice to know someone with RA. To be honest, i have never met anyone in real life that has RA! So it was a pleasant experience.

The lady whom i helped to admit went for a total knee replacement is so adorable!!! I didn’t get to talk much to her today, but i hope i can talk more to her on Monday!



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