Hair Loss

I don’t think i’m being paranoid this time round.

I am really LOSING HAIR. *jaw* I thought i was in a transient period of ‘hair shedding’ that i experience annually, which i initially thought in 2008 to be hair loss. But nope. It didn’t stop. It’s been like 3 months?

The hair keeps coming off. Now i know that we do lose hair daily to the shedding process, but it’s really way too much. The floor at home is covered with my hair, and during the week i was away, Sam and Mum noticed that the floor was clean for a week. The last time i vacuumed the floor, it was ‘hairy’ within a day or two. Because i’ve been tying my hair for clinicals, i comb my hair more, and the hair loss is even more pronounced. There was a bunch of hair left on the floor after combing a few strokes. WTF!

Don’t know if it’s true, but i think my head of hair is thinner now. Used to have a thick head of hair. Now my ponytail is thinner. 😦 Maybe i should really just go ahead to cut my hair short eh.

I think the hair loss is due to Arava. Or maybe from the bout of transaminitis. It might even be nothing much. Heck. I’m seeing rheumy soon, so i’ll mention it to her to see what she says. At this rate i’m going, i’m gonna lose my head of hair. *eek*

So tempted to cut my hair short! But i think i’m too fat to carry off a short hairstyle!

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