Another wasted Sunday

Lazed the whole Sunday away. I started with work only at about 8pm and finished only at about 10.30pm- case study presentation tomorrow. *sigh* I finally cleared my luggage cos’ my mum’s nagging at me as she needs to pack for her trip with dad to Egypt.

2 more weeks in the ward. I kinda enjoy my time in this ward as the staff are very nice and helpful. Only thing is that my CI is so aggravating. It takes a lot to be able to tolerate her! 😛

I’m really feeling the itch to cut my hair short- long pixie cut! I love my longer hair, but for most of my life, i had shorter hair. I do get annoyed with my long hair from time to time, but i also love how versatile it is being able to tie them up, bun it up or braid it. I think i’ll miss long hair if i really do go short. The only thing stopping me now is that it’ll not suit me, and i end up looking very weird in short hair. After all, i don’t have the best face shape for a long pixie/gamine cut, and i’m fat like whale. Been scouting around for a good hairdresser. Whatever it is, i might go right before school starts, get a good consultation, and get my hair cut nevertheless. If it’s not that short, i may still lose some length. Just hoping that my hair won’t turn into the mess it was years and years ago! So no razoring for my hair, and only soft layers!!!

I HOPE i get a call/email for an interview by this coming week. I WANT IT.


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