Is this not meant to be?

It’s been 6 days since i submitted my sponsorship application for consideration. I have yet to receive a call or an email. And i doubt that will never come.

I was discussing with Jojo briefly today, that maybe discrimination came into play. Like me, she never thought about how my RA might be an issue, even in a small country where nurses are in a big shortage. Can they afford to be choosy? I don’t know.

I’ve always taken my RA diagnosis in my stride, having already suspected having it since i was a kid(when i was in primary school, i was even wondering if i had JRA even though i didn’t have systemic manifestations). I have never thought about RA like a real adult. Granted i do think about its possible consequences on me in future, but never in my head did i think that it may affect employment. I now realise that having a diagnosis means that i have to declare it in employment application forms. Not being diagnosed would allow me a fair chance because i would otherwise be healthy.

I don’t think i have an application unworthy of an interview- my grades are above average(even if it’s a little above average). I’m a greenhorn at employment, but i don’t see any reason why they would want to reject my application. Anyway, if i get rejected, i don’t see a chance that i may be employed after graduation. If they don’t already want me, they don’t see a potential in me. If they see a liability in me, they will never want me in their workforce.

I think i’m thinking too much. I’ll give it till the end of next week for an interview. Any later, i’d take it that they’ve rejected me, or if i receive a rejection letter. I’ve never thought of going to another hospital to work though. I want to develop myself further in this very hospital. Training to be a rheumatology nurse would be easier with my rheumy around to nudge me in the right direction.

Is this not meant to be? 😦


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