Haircut Therapy

I took the plunge, and on a whim, i got my hair chopped off!!! I have been itching to do so for about a month, and originally intended to do so when we got back from our Genting trip. I wanted to at least keep my long hair till our clinicals are done with so that i could keep my hair up neatly in a bun. But as i was teaching, my mind was wandering to how and where i should cut my hair.

Everyone whom i asked about whether i should cut my hair told me NOT to cut my hair. I do agree that longer hair suits me better, and i can also braid or bun it as i like. But after growing it for 2 years, the hair’s a little too long for my liking, and it’s becoming fine(how it became fine from it being thick is puzzling) and limp. It doesn’t even hold the curls from tying a bun anymore. That’s how sad and lifeless my hair has become. And as i have mentioned, i’ve been losing far more hair than i’m supposed to- it’s dropping everywhere, and even into my food. Cutting my hair short won’t alleviate it, but it certainly makes things easier. Plus i was sick and tired of getting my hair wet because it took so long to dry, and in the process i’d get my PJs or clothes wet. That’s definitely sickening.

I wanted to get my hair cut in the style of Elisha Cuthbert’s and Katie Holmes’ pixie cut. But i got it modified. I can’t decide if i love it, because sometimes it looks like a shag which is something i don’t realy want. I would rather a pixie. Bro says it looks good, so if he says so,it musn’t be that bad. I kinda like it. But if i still don’t warm up to it in a week or 2, imight get it cut a little shorter on the sides. The fringe and the back are perfectly fine.

Feels good to wash short hair- reminiscent of the ol’ days when i had shor hair! Shampooing is a breeze, and drying it is even better. Exciting! 🙂 Now i have to think of a way to do my hair for clinicals! Hairband and clips maybe!

Haircut Therapy ftw!!!

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