i am

canyoumeetmehalfway:  (via raindropsonredroses)

I am:

  • Antagonistic for the sake of safe-guarding myself
  • Straightforward and critical, cos’ that’s just the way i am- i am entitled to my opinions, just not facts.
  • Quick tempered, because i’m not exactly a patient person
  • Frank because i’d rather people know than let myself be misconstrued
  • Open about RA because it’s a disease that’s poorly understood
  • Pissy when RA is active so anyone who steps on my toes will get it from me!
  • FAT because this is how the society dictates it to be, and how i perceive myself
  • Happy-go-lucky because everyone has their story and i have mine- i have no right to impose on others so i can only be that happy




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