Shorter hair and feeling sick!

Ok don’t shoot me, but i got another haircut today! I just didn’t like the 2 bits of hair at the sides which makes my hair look like a bob, and also the jagged edges at the back. I did manage though, to make it look MUCH BETTER by putting my hair behind the ears when i made my way to another salon in town. All in all, i spent $100 on cutting my hair this short!!! Justifiable as long as i like my hair! 😉

I totally didn’t understand my hairstylist(who supposedly is one of the salon directors) because she’s a Thai. I did tell her however that i wanted a pixie like Katie Holmes. I think she was thinking of her bob, because she initially cut it to look like a short bob. So i showed her an exact pic, and she did just that after i told her to JUST CUT IT!!! I couldn’t comprehend the shampoo girl either. I was just nodding and agreeing with her, though she sounded like she was talking in an entirely different language!!!

Now my hair looks fuzzy if i don’t blow dry and style it properly! But it looks great! I would prefer my side layers to be a little longer, but it will grow soon so it doesn’t matter. I have no idea how to do my hair for my last 5 days in the wards though! 😦

For most of today, i felt sick to my tummy. I was nauseated, dizzy and was having a tension headache. My neck is aching so much that it’s affecting my head! *aargh* I need to go for tuina tomorrow after shift!!! Sleeping early today so i won’t have a hard time in the ward!


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