Call Bell Tinnitus

You know, you can be the best damn nurse in the whole world, but if the incessant call bell gets to you, you do get highly strung and lose your cool once in awhile.

I hope that doesn’t happen to me. The call bell keeps going off, and because of the shortage of assitant nurses(only 2 to 30+ patients) and the refusal of certain staff nurses to answer the call bells, we students are left to answer call bells, even if it means that we have to care for patients whom we have little clue about. Sucks, but that’s how certain wards work. I don’t like going up to a patient to take care of their ADLs without having a clue about their diagnosis and treatment. I removed an IV cannula of a patient on Enoxaparin(a low-weight molecular heparin- anticoagulant), and of course i didn’t know! I was only armed with 2-3 alcohol swabs to stem the bleeding, and little did i know the patient was bleeding all over on me(figuratively). SUCKS.

I’m getting ‘call bell tinnitus’. Too many call bells going off, and for too long. *aargh* It’s classical conditioning you know. It evokes a fear as well as a dread in me. I know it shouldn’t be the way, but right now i am very IRRITATED with our job as a call bell keeper. 😡

I don’t want to be the nurse who’s consumed in tasks and paperwork. I don’t want to be the nurse who loses focus of patient care, and what our real job is. I don’t want to be the nurse who is pissy and easily irritable.

I want to be the nurse who participates in patient care and meeting their psychological needs and fears. I want to finish up work, yet not lose focus of what my real goal is as a nurse. I want to be a nurse who’s pleasant to work with, and a nurse whom patients and family members can easily approach.

Obviously i’m not going anywhere in that direction. Even as students with lesser responsibilities, we are already overwhelmed. What more as full-fledged nurses?



One thought on “Call Bell Tinnitus

  1. Oh dear! I don’t know what to say and nothing I say would help. But, know this, I enjoyed reading your Blog.. I work at a Hospital and I am in a position to if not understand but feel what you are going through. I hope you feel better.

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