RA Update

My bloods are all GOOD! Yay! I’m seeing my rheumy on Thursday, but seeing that i had a chance to take a look at my blood results today in the ward, i went ahead with it. My FBC, ALT and Creatinine are all ok, which means my blood, liver and kidneys are all good! 🙂 You have no idea how afraid i am to have transaminitis again, which would mean i have to stop meds and risk a major flare.

My ESR is a teeny-weeny high, just by a minute bit- 18. It is only high by definition of the lab ranges, and i know at other hospitals and countries, it’s considered normal until 25. Well, what can i say? It isn’t as high as i would like it to be, but at least it’s abnormal. I don’t like going into the doc’s room for a mere 5-20 minutes with results and clinical presentation that will not represent our disease activity for the last 3 months.

I’m gonna try to be adamant about not increasing Arava to once a week, because that’ll mean that i have to pay about $350 for a 10 week supply. No money la. No money… I’m doing ok now as it is, though it’s not quite optimal. I’m just surprised that i’m not in a major flare since stopping effective MTX and SSZ! But anyway, all’s well, so i foresee a very uneventful rheumy follow-up on Thursday. *sigh*

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