It was such an effing hot day today. Hot and absolutely humid. Even when night fell, it felt like a typical Singaporean late morning! *aargh*

WSS today was… Mundane? We joined the student volunteers as paramedic assistants for YOG. We had an orientation of the ambulance, and also learnt how to use the stretcher. But nothing much for training, which i was quite disappointed with. Anyhow, the 2 trainers gave us a prep talk about our elimination round the week after next because we don’t have training next week. 😦 Just talking about it stressed me up. I want it badly, and more so because i didn’t get to go for OIPP, and to challenge myself and improve myself wholly as nurse. Gotta PRACTISE. Trepidation looms again!

2 more days in the ward. 😀 I don’t dread ward anymore like i used to actually. It’s just that it’s disruptive to my social and personal life. I usually drop and stop everything during clinicals because i need to rest well(so i don’t harm/kill my patientd), and more often than not do readings and research. I’m worried about my grading for this posting, but i am heartened to know that yet again, i didn’t disappoint myself with regards to knowledge. I don’t know much, but i know enough sometimes. What’s aggravating is that i fail to use my pea brain when i’m performing skills. *sigh* Knowledge just isn’t enough. PRACTISE yet again, and clinical reasoning + critical thinking!

Seeing rheumy tomorrow, like finally! I kinda miss her! Hehe…


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