Will be back!

Think fatigue is setting in. Last week, i lasted till my 4th class at 1pm before feeling really drowsy. Today, i was ready to KO during my 2nd class at 11am. *pfft*

I went to get my money changed right after work. Once i got home, i got down to cleaning up the house a little. Dadmum are coming home tomorrow when i’m away. So i thought i better do some. I vacuumed the hairy floor that had so much of my hair, did my laundry, cleaned the fucking dirty toilet that Sam refuses to maintain with me,and packed my luggage. Our house is like a sty. Cos’ Mum does a sloppy job, and we simply can’t be bothered at times. *aargh*

I’m gonna leave the house soon to meet Hwee at her place. Our coach is at 6am Sunday morning. Will be back on Tuesday!

Till then, ciao!


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