Back from Genting!

Got back from Genting last night. Dead tired! But we booked a lab for WSS practice today at 10am. I liked how it was only the 2 of us! I felt like a we had the attention we needed, and i clarified my doubts! 🙂 We’ll be practising again tomorrow, though it’s 4 of us instead of 2. Our trainers are so nice to give us extra help!

Genting was quite pleasant in a sense that the temperature was respite from the sweltering heat in SG. It was at best 17 degrees celcius, and it felt like natural air-conditioning! The things there were a little overpriced though. We went to the theme park, and i took rides that i would never take if it’s not for my friends!!! I hate the ‘dropping’ feeling, and i tend to panic halfway through a long drop. But oh well, it’s not all that bad! I took my first ride that had corkscrews, though small ones at that. 🙂 I spent a lot of ringgit trying to win a ginormous bear, but all i got was a tiny bear and a medium sized cow, which i gave to my friends. 😉 OMG. Totally stuffed myself to death over there!!!

Pics for London and Genting coming soon!


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