Stoic maybe?

I think i know why i am adamant about not taking analgesics or steroids for the matter, when i’m in pain. I know i tend to pop much more than i should when i’m in excruciating pain, but i don’t like to take any for my day-to-day arthritic pain.

NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are the next best alternative after DMARDs in reducing pain and inflammation. That is, if steroids are not possible. I don’t like taking prednisolone. I admit it did wonders when i was on 20mg, but as i went below 10-15mg, it was as good as not taking any plus the ill effects. My rheumy tried to impress upon me that 5mg of pred would do me some good, but i told her that i don’t think it’ll do anything for me. NSAIDs are actually much better for me, but they don’t come without the side effects. They can be quite nasty on the stomach(for the non-selective NSAIDs), and also can be hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic, though it’s more of the latter. I already have a problematic tummy with common bouts of gastritis or indigestion and the occasional heartburn. Omeprazole is like my tummy’s best friend!

Side effects aside, i think the real reason behind why i don’t like to take away the pain is because i’d like to feel ‘stoic’. I’d like to be able to know that i can cope with the pain, that i am stronger than what i should be, and that if i can handle this, i can handle anything. I know it’s not all that true- i’m jaded. Hah!

On a side note, my left knee might have been achy for almost 2 weeks already. It’s weird cos’ it has been constantly achy medially, which is very rare for my knee. *aargh* Can feel that it’s slowly taking a toll on my knee. 😦

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