Stiff as a centenarian

Ok. I shall be honest.

I am more perturbed than anything about the sharp increase in stiffness that i have been experiencing in the past 3 months or so.

I used to wonder what it is like to have the ‘gelling phenomenon’ that would cause the characteristic stiffness of RA. I would feel stiff from the pain and inflammation in a flare. But i have never experienced stiffness in joints which have been doing all fine and dandy.

Also, the stiffness i get is more pronounced as the day passes. So to speak, my morning stiffness is the mildest, while the stiffness i get from inactivity in the night is the worse. It’s peculiar, and i did mention it to my rheumy. It however, isn’t so puzzling because even earlier on, my joints would start flaring at night before i slept. This is quite atypical because in RA, it’s characteristic to wake up with morning stiffness and painful joints. Having it quite the opposite confuzzles me, but that’s the way my RA is.

I’m getting very tempted to pop some diclofenac or prednisolone to alleviate the horrible stiffness. As i’ve said, it perturbs me a big deal and it makes me feel like a centenarian rather than the 20 years old i am. However, i do believe it wouldn’t do much to help with the stiffness. The DMARDs will, but it’ll come very slowly. MTX should do the trick, but i don’t know how much 7.5mg will help. Wait and see again.

Maybe i shouldn’t be such a wuss and get down to exercising frequently and going back to ballet class. My guess is that it may very well get better because i’m not as much a coach potato. But it may aggravate things more now that my knee is nagging at me, and the stiffness at its worst.

Oh wells. RA is just a poor excuse for everything anyway. This is NOTHING! 🙂


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