Last First Day

In extremely unpleasant discomfort, or rather, pain right now. The shoulders never fail to get to me- they hurt even when i’m still. And as usual, all these pain and inflammation are coming to me late at night. 😥

First day of school was rather nice, though it was really HOT. I finally got my rather short script for emcee-ing during graduation! Lab was cool- our lecturer is GOOD. He knows his stuff, gets straight to the point, and at the end everyone’s happy because everyone understands and we finish early. Can i say that this is the first time this is happening for lab for the whole time we’re in nursing school? Just gotta wait for a few more weeks to see if this statement still holds true.

Interview at the hospital tomorrow. Nervous and anxious, cos’ i don’t know what to expect and what questions will be asked. I don’t know how to answer the interviewer if the topic of RA comes up, though i know i should be honest. *sighsies* Merde!

Almost done with asthma patient education poster! Just some coloring to do tomorrow. Gotta practise some of my skills for elimination!


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