Kick-ass workout!

No not the movie. We learnt how to do the surgical handscrub in 2 ways in preparation for our operating theatre placement.

2 ways- Hand rubbing and counted brush strokes. Hand rubbing is such a kick-ass workout for the biceps/triceps because we have to do a surgical handwash which has us rubbing 5x for each area, then 15x, then 5x again. Damn it. Was damn tiring!!! *aargh* I do foresee a problem if i have to do this on a day when my shoulders are flaring though.

Counted brush strokes is the one with the brush. We have to scrub 6 planes of every part of our fingers, hands, forearms and elbow. Each plane 30x. CAN YOU IMAGINE? OMFG. 180 strokes for each part. 1260 strokes on each side, 2320 strokes in all. Technicall, it’s 4640 strokes because we count ‘up-down’ as 1 stroke. Like wtf seriously. By the time i’m getting to my right side, everything’s dry except for the brush. Good exfoliation though!!!

I have no idea why i took so long. I think i took 30min to finish the 4640 strokes. I have classmates who finished it in less than 15min. I did choose to do all strokes. Maybe that’s why i was the last one left in the class to still be scrubbing. I mean, if you don’t do it now, when will you do it? During practice? On your own? Only when you have to scrub into the OT? *shrugs* Anyhow, i saw a lot of wrong technique when i watched my classmates. All basic principles about keeping the elbow below the hands, and water flowing from the top to the bottom without going back up to wash the same part again. I didn’t say much because i’m overbearing as it is, and the teacher was around.

I bet my arms will ache like crazy tomorrow!!!


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