Not amused

One of my kids pissed in class today. She pissed in her ballet attire and on the floor, and she was crying while she pissed. Of course i’m not amused. I barely started the class. I used so much toilet paper and hand towels to soak up the urine puddle! But i was not gonna clean it. Nuh-uh. And anyway, i had to continue teaching the class. So i called for someone to clean it up. Haha!

My kids are going for their ballet exam in 1+week’s time. I’m glad that they improved alot, though of course they can do even better. I should be there when they have their exam right? May 4th… Before school i guess!

Damn shagged. I went out last night to meet the ‘adults’. Eve, Ping, Su and Mel… Natalie Clarke, the ex-SDT principal dancer sat right opposite me! 🙂 But we didn’t talk because i was so caught up in a conversation with Su. Haha. She’s always so curious about all the medical stuff, and i was trying to debunk some myths and shed some light about the real scene in local hospitals. 😉

I’m gonna catch up on some shuteye, and tomorrow i’ll do the things i need to do. School stuff, revision and planning my exercise and conditioning/stretching regimen. I feel like immersing myself in dance again. Instead of the defeatist attitude that i usually have, i think i should embrace what i can do, and accept what i cannot. I don’t have much time left to dance. I’d either be too busy with work after i graduate, or i’d be a wreck because of my RA. I’m dreaming of doing the RAD Advanced 1 exam in September, but it’s no easy feat considering that i need to build up even more strength and in such a short time. I struggle a lot with strength and flexibility though my technique is there. *aargh* We’ll see…


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