I’m back from the short trip to KL with dadmum. We almost didn’t go because i was having a nasty bout of motion sickness/nausea after dad picked me up from school. 2 tabs of dimenhydrinate and 1 tab of prochlorperazine knocked me out, so we were good to go.

Been feeling under the weather with headaches and a horrible sore throat, and aches in my neck and head(essentially trigger points) that is making my head heavy. *aargh* So even though it was a nice getaway, i wan’t thoroughly enjoying myself.

We ate and shopped, like we always do in KL. Went to KLCC’s Kinokuniya and bought 3 eMooks- Fred Perry, Agnes B and Cath Kidston! 🙂 They have tons more, but i couldn’t spend that much. I bought The Lovely Bones to read since i missed the movie, and Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul! Went to Borders as Times Square as well.

THERE IS KRISPY KREME IN KL!!! Omfg. The nearest used to be in Indonesia(never went there), and the nearest i’ve gotten their dozens of original glazed was Korea and OZland. 😀 Their donuts are SO CHEAP!!! Yay!!! So we can take a 4 hour ride up to KL to get Krispy Kremes! Amazingness! 😉

We took a stop at Malacca on our way back and ate our usual hawker food- the ones we never fail to eat when we go up northwards. 🙂 Simple pleasures!!! The sun was horrible- scorching!!! Was so afraid of getting uneven tan lines just from sitting in the car!

Now back at home, i’m kinda dreading school. I barely had any rest, and with me feeling under the weather, school sounds so… Dreadful(for the lack of a better word)?


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