RA issues

I feel like i’ve been posting too much of RA stuff these days, but heck.

The ulcer i had on my tongue from last week’s MTX dose isn’t any better. It’s worst, at least for the last few days. I just took my 3rd dose yesterday, and now i can feel another ulcer or two popping up again. Doesn’t help that i bit my lip thrice in the same spot- another ulcer to contend with. I don’t remember having to deal with so much stomatitis problems caused by MTX, even when i was on the maximum dose for the longest time. *sigh* Back to folate again. And yes, saltwater gargle. đŸ˜¦

I have been speculating that my sore throat was caused by an inflammation in the cricoarytenoid joint, although it is not likely. I’ve had such sore throats on a few occasions already, and on all occasions, the pain is the same with similar presenting symptoms. Odynophagia(pain on swallowing) and pain on talking, coughing and yawning(this one is the worst!). Luckily my voice is not hoarse, nor do i have dyspnoea(shortnessof breath). I’m one who rarely gets sore throats- i think less than 10x in my whole life. And often these sore throats don’t accompany any cough, runny nose, fever etc. I hate to see the doc for something like that, because what they often do is to send you home with something like pharyngitis, give you some painkillers and antibiotics(they just whack with this la), and prolly Difflam. Haha. I think the GPs will not even think of cricoarytenoiditis as a possible problem!!!

So i just kinda treated myself(after 4 days of agony; why didn’t i think of it earlier?) with 150mg of diclofenac. I wanted to load myself with 20mg of prednisolone, but it’s not in my medicine stash in school. It did get better, but my joints did not improve(hmm, i wonder why). Will prolly rely on the diclo and pred till it gets better(although i know i should not be loading myself with pred without a doc’s permission; i am supposed to be taking 5mg of pred though, for the joints).



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