Long day!

Had a long day today. The fitful 4+ hours of sleep i had the previous night didn’t help!

Let’s just say the movie Mao’s Last Dancer was AWESOME! Very awe-inspiring indeed. And they had a BRB principal dancer for the role of the protagonist Li Cun Xin. Everyone should watch it, and especially dancers!!! They danced Don Q in it! 🙂

My sore throat is slowly improving, and after 2 days of 20mg prednisolone and diclofenac, i went without any today, and it was quite bearable. BUT! I’m getting an irritating non-productive cough, most prolly due to irritation of the throat. I can now safely say that it is 99.9% not cricoarytenoiditis! 🙂 I think my insufficient sleep is also contributing to the fact that it is quite unrelenting. Need to sleep moooooooooooooore.

We had graduation rehearsal today. My experience there was quite contrary to my inital thoughts, and i had FUN! There were a lot of teachers there, which did in fact intimidate me. But i knew some of them, and we held light-hearted conversations. I even managed to ramble off the whole checklist of checking the manual resuscitator when my lab tutor(who was also there) casually asked me! HAHA! We got the actual script only there and then, and i got a little stuck because it was a passage that was difficult to pronounce coherently with the appropriate highs and lows. But practice did it, and although my first try was BAD, the second try was much better. It was really quite funny to see the teachers all at ease and having fun, while getting things done at the same time. 🙂 Another rehearsal next Tuesday, and i hope it’ll be a better run!!!


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