Loading myself with prednisolone for 2 days proved effective in some ways for myself. I’ve been largely pain-free for a few days already. 😀 I’m still having a bad throat and a cough, but it isn’t anything much. Another ulcer on my tongue, prolly from MTX again. I totally FORGOT *jaw* that i have to make a trip down to the hospital to do my monthly blood tests for my liver function. *yikes* I guess i gotta do it asap next week, and prolly fill my prescription too. My ALT and AST should be normal, since i’m only on a low dose of MTX. Nothing should be going wrong early when restarting MTX.

I have a friend who is now unable to drink because of the drugs she is on for fear of drug interactions. We wanted to go out for drinks, but she explained that she can’t drink and thus wasn’t that keen. I told her that i myself am not drinking either because of my medications, and that i’ll drink juice with her. *sigh* This is my first encounter with a friend who like me, cannot drink, or rather, give up something social, just because of meds. Admittedly, i did drink early on during my earlier days after diagnosis. After all, i had just turned 18, and i had to get a taste of what it was. I don’t drink much- perhaps a pint of beer, or the most i had was about 5-6 martinis(which was enough to make me light-headed, and this was my virgin attempt, and the only hard core one at that, with alcohol). Drinking was very infrequent, although i have my stash of Baileys at home(love it!!!).  However, alcohol is not recommended, if not, contraindicated, with MTX and/or Leflunomide, due to its hepatotoxicity. My liver did get affected on 3 occasions, but i didn’t think it was due to drinking… Or so i think. It must have contributed to it in some way or another. So anyhow, i have stopped drinking for good since September or so, although i still do take some wine, depending on the situation(such as a formal dinner). Oh well. Giving up alcohol is nothing! Complying to medications is more difficult!!! 🙂

I’ve been nagging at Dad because lately, he has been wasting food. Granted he is trying to lose weight(for at least the past 10 years or so), it still shouldn’t be the case that more than half the plate of the food is left untouched. Happened on quite a few occasions already, and maybe even more without my presence. I told him that this is not how he brought us up, that we should not waste food.

But at that very instant, it dawned upon me that perhaps i should shut my gap. I don’t waste food. Friends can testify to that. In fact, i eat more than i should. However, i have wasted a great deal of food in other ways not quite plausible, and in some ways terribly irrational. Those who are smart enough should already have guessed. So i shall stop here.


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