Retail Therapy!

School was… Tiring? Cos’ i somehow chalked up a sleep debt, over the past week or so. Slept through the 2 hour gerontology lecture. *omg* Didn’t think i’d sleep that long, but i was bushed. After which waking up meant that i was a little cranky. Bah.

Went solo shopping at Ion because i haven’t been there in like AGES!!! This is my first proper shopping trip since i got back from London, which is almost 2 months already. Enough of the shopping drought! I didn’t think i’d buy anything actually. But i bought a pretty Mango top in my favourite obsidian blue!!! I tried on their pretty maxi dresses, but alas am too short for them. 😦 Went to Kikki.K to look at their pretty stationary, and bought Mum her Mother’s Day gift in the form of a Recipe File. Not cheap, but quite whimsical and cute! Got 2 free scented candles cos’ i spent over $60!!!

The rest of the things i bought:


MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 in NC25! Yay! My first MAC liquid foundation. Hope it’ll serve me well. Got it for $54.

Can’t believe it took me so long just to get my hands on MAC’s FluidLine in Black Track! Hoping it’s better than the gel eyeliners i have at home. 🙂 About $27/28?


Massimo Dutti moccasins!!! I did set my eyes on this since last year, but i was waiting for a sale. But more than 1/2 year later, it’s still not on sale. And seeing that i’m still loving it, i bought it. 😀 The soles are a little squeaky though. Hoping that this won’t hurt as much as my Aldo ones, since it’s made of leather. Got this for $165!!!

So much for retail therapy!!! But my pocket is feeling the burn. 😦 Can’t spend till i at least get my pay!!!


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