Insidious cold

13 hours of shuteye later, my sore throat is almost entirely gone. But now, i am quite sure to say that i’ve caught the cold. Courtesy of my classmate who’s been so generous with her bug! (I’m trying to keep up with the spirit of praising k!) 🙂 Must say that this cold has been very insidious in onset, and the other symptoms only surfaced after 1 week of a bad throat. *hmph* Another strike on my immune system, but i’m glad this is all that my immune system allows despite the immunosuppression. I’ve never caught anything more than a cold in the past half decade or so. Amazing much??? Although the colds have been becoming more frequent… So for now, i’m just gonna wait it out and let this cold pass. It won’t take too long. 😉

13 hours of sleep- the longest yet in months. But too much sleep makes me woozy and a little cranky. Hehe…


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