It’s 3.50am, and i’m turning in soon. Except that my shoulder is in a little distress, and i worry that i can’t sleep because of it.

I’ll pack my room when i wake up. Do my laundry. Soak my shirt in Vanish yet again. Read my med-surg textbook or any other textbook cos’ i’m feeling a little motivated. Swim or gym. Then do my presentation slides at night when i get everyone’s slides.

Good plan. BUT i seriously doubt anything will be accomplished. Ho-hum. We’ll see.

Good night! And shoulder, please be kind to me!


2 thoughts on “3.50am

  1. Hey! i am now using ketotop so my shoulder pains but i’ll be seeing a chiropractor (sp?) before i leave for aussie i hope it helps me. anyway are you still having hair problems? i am using this thing called phyto cos i started to having small bald patches. hope it works!

    • Yeah i have Fastum, which is the same as Ketotop. Is it helping you? My mum sees a chiropractor too. I hope seeing one will help you, but it’s always the case that the pain comes back after you stop going to them. Let me know how to goes!!! My hair isn’t dropping as much anymore, but if it does worsen any further,i’ll definitely try Phyto! Love their products!

      Miss you Dano!!! 🙂

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