Monday’s Plans!

1. Get to the hospital by 9am to fill my prescriptions and draw blood for LFTs and Albumin. The bus there will be so damn crowded. Gah.

2. Reach school by 11am, which seems a little impossible since it takes a little more than an hour to get there from the hospital. Group meeting for our presentation on Wednesday. In dire straits because we have 42 slides and i have to figure out a way to cut it down because 20 minutes is too tight for 42 slides.

3. Lecture starts at 12, lessons end at 6pm. I hope i don’t sleep or zone out anytime in the 6 hours!

4. Prolly will studying in school or do some paper work till 8pm.

5. Go down to Ion to exchange my Mango blouse cos’ they freaking gave me the wrong size.

6. Gym/swim for at least 1/2hr if i can get home by 10pm. If not i’ll stretch my bloody tight hamstrings and hip flexors.

This is not a tight schedule by any means. But looking at it makes it seem tiring if i’m going around by public transport with my bloody heavy bag. I hope i can complete everything on the list because i have the tendency to push my blood tests later.

After edit:

18 hours later- 3 pathetic hours of sleep, and did everything from #1-3, and #5. I managed to drag my feet down to the hospital to get my bloods drawn, change my appointment to a Wednesday(YAY!!!), and fill my prescription. What’s amazing was that i did all of that within 40min, which is almost unheard of in a restructured hospital. Well, only cos’ it’s early in the morning! 🙂

Finished school at 5+. Really wanted to stay in school to finish work, but i was so dead beat from the lack of sleep. So whack la. Went to town to change my MNG blouse and bought my thing in Kikki.K. I was home by 7. Amazing huh.

Had so many things to do. But now, i almost have nothing to do because i’m just so tired, and everything else just seems so secondary. Just need to finish my slides today and i should be fine. Got cough syrup to knock me out later!


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