I want to quit!!!

Been contemplating for awhile regarding when i should ‘tender my resignation’ .

I will leave my teaching job. It’s only sooner or later. I wanted to quit when i get my sponsorship, but apparently it’s not gonna happen, and so i must keep teaching. Which sucks. Because extrinsic motivation just ain’t good enough.

I did my calculations for when i quit without a sponsorship. Every 10 weeks, i need to spend about $250-$300 at the hospital for my rheumy visit, blood tests and medications. That doesn’t include my follow ups at obgyn and opthalmology. I get about $500 for 10 weeks. So that means i must save more than 1/2 of it to be able to pay for it. That comes up to about having only $20 a week. That is pathetic ok. $4 a day is crazy. And that means i don’t have spare cash for anything else. I mean i could do that if i really want to, but it doesn’t seem very viable at all.


Anyhow, teaching ballet pays very well. And quite contrary to what some people think, it’s not an easy job, and i got my job by climbing up right from the beginning as a greenhorn. I started out by doing ad hoc relief teaching for my ballet teacher, and then subsequently other teachers in the studio. I watched classes every week- sometimes up to 5 lessons a week. Assisted in baby ballet classes too. Learnt the many grades’ syllabi, albeit quite shabbily. Got a pay rise for relief teaching only after quite awhile. I finally got to teach alone, but it was under the watchful eye of my teacher, which was super unnerving. All of that took me 4 years. I only got my own classes last year, which was the 5th year. And now i’m into my 6th year…

From the greenhorn who couldn’t even talk to kids, to my current state of being able to make hysterical kids stop crying, and being able to talk the parents confidently, i have indeed come a long way. It would definitely be a regret to stop teaching entirely without getting my teaching cert because that means these 6 years would have been futile if i ever want to get back to teaching. But at least i got my RAD Intermediate cert, so that makes things easier.

I guess this teaching stint also put me where i am today- my ability to communicate especially to my patients must’ve stemmed from teaching(which is why sometimes i speak like i’m talking to a kid during WSS scenarios).

If i do decide to quit, i will teach until the end of June. If not, i’ll keep teaching as long as my school timetable allows, or until PRCP starts.

*sigh* So shagged.


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