Domestic Work

The house is in a MESS, and it’s  horribly and incredulously, DIRTY.

It’s always the case when dadmum is out of town. All hell breaks loose- no one washes the dishes, do the laundry, clean the toilet, vacuum the floor, and no one does anything.

Gotta give bro some credit. He turned out to be more of a neat freak than i am. I’m not even neat for goodness sake. Just a little more organised. I must sheepishly admit that i was responsible for the dishes piling up in the sink, and the mould growing in the pot(GROSS i know, but i have no idea how it grew in such a short period of time and in something seemingly clean).

I washed the dishes, boiled the mouldy pot with hot water, did my OWN laundry(no way am i going to do it for Sam), packed the toilet and cleared empty bottles(we always seem to have empty/almost empty bottles to throw), and packed my make-up stuff. I still need to pack my side of the room, vacuum and hopefully mop the floor of the whole house, clean the mirror(cos’ it’s so dirty for some reason), and change bedsheets. *omg* I feel like a maid, like seriously.

Sam is sleeping while i’m doing these, and she has got to be the laziest girl i’ve ever known. She never does her laundry(i don’t even think she knows how to operate the washing machine), nor does her ironing. Wait, she doesn’t really need to cos’ most of her clothes are on the chair!!! Only knows how to pour cleaning agent into the toilet bowl and clean the vanity top, which both by her own defintion, is her version of cleaning the toilet. (Like WTF la!!! Toilet bowl, shower cubicle leh!!!) Omg. We have a sloth at home.

Bro is so much better. Wow. He is actually better than my sis! In some ways, he reminds me of my dad, and Sam, my mum. Mum never does much housework, and the reason why our house is almost in a constant state of a mess is cos’ Mum only does what’s pertinent to the image of the house, and never really the hygiene aspect of the house. *yikes*

Must do something about it when i have the time.

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