Sunday is over. Dadmum are back. Sad.

I took a 3 hour nap less than 2 hours after waking up. Damn tired la. Packed my room. Vacuumed the floor. Didn’t manage to change bedsheets cos’ i was too lazy. I did however make notes for COPD, because i know my previous notes were sorely inadequate. Not one though… ALL of them.

Dadmum are finally back. I’m glad they are back. But at the same time, i’m apprehensive. My routines turn topsy-turvy by their presence in my life. *aargh* Kinda lose control when they are around. šŸ˜¦ Must find a way to regain control. And i think i need to try to stay out of the house. If not i’ll be subjected to their whims and fancies again- something i hate with a vengeance.

This week will be good. I think… No school on Tuesday, but i have to reach school at freaking 7.30am for the graduation ceremony that i have to speak at. Makes no sense since i only speak near to 11am. *bleah* IĀ think i will stay in school to study and do work.

I guess things will return to normal soon. I don’t feel as stressed anymore. And seriously, i don’t give two fucking hoots about immature and juvenile people who do silly things. I just gotta stay focused on what i aim to do and achieve in what little time i have left in school. Not much time left really!!!

Hypoxic drive and COPD patients drive me NUTS. It’s a controversial topic, and i refuse to just take in what school has taught because there are 2 sides to it. Maintaining an SaO2 of 88-92%, or giving them only 2L of O2 areĀ not the most plausible things to be practised widely. *hmm* I shall do more research, and ask the smarter of my lecturers to debate on this matter. Some intellectual thinking yo! Haha! Such things keep me sane!


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