Sometimes i’d like to think of myself as being sleepy. Not tired, nor fatigued. Lazy is a better word though. *aargh* This fatigue wave is getting to me. It’s been a little too long now. And i think it’s a little harder these days to differentiate plain ‘sleepiness’ from RA fatigue. I find that RA fatigue tends to set in accompanied by stiffness. So perhaps i shall go by those clues. Hoping this horrible ‘sleepiness’, or rather, ‘drowsiness’ will go away soon. Productivity is going down after finally making some progress.

Knee was being troublesome. I had a hard time falling asleep last night due to the deep gnawing ache in my left knee. Anyhow, i’m just glad that the knee finally decided to give me a break through the day. It’s now more or less pain-free. On closer inspection however, though there was little direct swelling over the lateral joint line and meniscus, there was a diffused effusion of the entire knee. Wow. Progress much? I have an inkling that the disease activity in this knee is not primarily in the joint line, but rather with the meniscus. That’s my guess though. I wonder when i can properly get my knee properly imaged because of its long-standing arthritis and crepitus. I will not ask for it though. Will leave it to my rheumy to decide.

Other than the unrelenting knee, i’m so glad that my joints have been so kind to me! The MTX is kicking in for sure, and that is quite quick considering i started on it only about 6 weeks ago! Yay! MTX ftw! 😀

I got my BCLS cert! Pwn RA for trying to stop me from getting myself certified! 🙂


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