I’m such a lao ya pok(in English, it means lousy) in my cardiovascular system. Wait. Actually i think i’m lao ya in all my systems.


I feel there’s so much to be desired in our nursing school. Not enough is being taught, and thus to be someone proficient in their anatomy & physiology, as well as nursing sciences, one has to read up almost entirely on one’s own. It’s quite sad actually.

Like how so many times a lecturer mentions something, and everyone goes HUH? because it wasn’t taught, or rather, they didn’t realise it was taught. All these times it happened, i was absolutely GG-fied. Oh well.

Totally GG-fied now though. I was actually stuck trying to read up on why cough affects CVP measurements. Google doesn’t cough out anything. But i concluded that it has to be due to forced expiration(like in Valsalva’s maneuvre), leading to a change in compliance and thus increasing CVP. I think i am wrong anyway. Hoping to be enlightened tomorrow during class. *gah*

I somehow, must catch up on all the A&P and nursing sciences that are lacking from the school syllabus. I don’t want to work in a ward being clueless about everything. The last time i was in the ward, i was under staff nurses who didn’t know what SIADH was, and i had to tell them what it is while passing report. Absolutely appalling. I told myself that i must never be like them. Hah. Especially when the receiving staff nurse later ‘fought’ with me over the patient’s fowler’s position when his oxygen saturation was already down in the 60s(and yes it was the patient with query SIADH presenting with severe hyponatremia).

Quite an impossible task, but i can do it, if only i will.


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