Gah. Very highly-strung again. Didn’t get to complete my airway management assessment today. Gotta do it on Thursday then. So it’s self-induced stress once more.*sigh*

I have slides to vet and complete for our presentation next Monday. Not very pleased as usual because i get very irritated when people don’t use powerpoint slide formats to do their slides. The work comes in with all kinds of format and it pisses me a lot because i need to make them all consistent throughout. It’s a lot of work!!! *grr* But then again, it’s my fault for not making things clear(though if i do say this, it’ll make me much of a tyrant), as well as my obesession with order. *sigh*

I have a script to amend, and a very long one at that- 8 pages. Language too informal, wrong grammer and too much jargon… Plus i need to make sure all the information are accurate. This is impossible ok…

And i have to practise my skills before going for training tomorrow.

I think i’m trying to do too many things.


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