Movie therapy

Not so pissy anymore after watching a movie with Marg! I actually planned to watch it, but at the point of the previous post, i was in no mood seeing that i had work to be done and was highly strung. But in the 2 hours of lecture, i decided that i needed to watch a movie to calm my nerves and take my mind off school for awhile.

The Last Song was nice. Many kissing scenes, but it was really sad in the last third of the show. Same ol’ sob story with cancer. Don’t like Miley Cyrus’ lips and the fact that she kept pouting throughout the show. That was really painful to watch. Anyhow, it remedied my bout of pissiness. Always enjoy going out with Margaret! 🙂

MY KNEE STILL HURTS. *sob* I know i’ve going on and on about it. But i’m just thoroughly disturbed by the pain i’ve been getting the past week or so. The swelling is not going down, and the crepitus irks the hell out of me. I am almost convinced that real damage has already been done, however insidious it may have been. I mean i’m sure that my other joints have already started eroding. I have a lot of crepitus in my elbows, ankles etc, and slight deformities in a select few… But nothing quite like this darn knee. *aargh* Marg told me to call my rheumy, but i think i’ll just monitor it till i see her 4 weeks later. Mehhhh… Today, i can’t even differentiate if it’s enthesitis or joint line pain. It is kinda merged and diffused, or so it seems. Wow. Progress much?


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