Why tattoo?

Ok. So i was asked today about Kate & Maree, my ballerina and butterfly tattoo. Why i got it, to be precise.

I was trying to be honest, but sometimes we cannot be too honest can we? 😉 I said i didn’t have a purpose in getting Kate & Maree. But that was a blatant lie. Like duh!

Well one thing for sure, i wanted to have ballet-related tattoo since i was 14 or so. My idea was a ballerina the size of a 50 cent coin, or a little bigger than that. But heck, i found Kate and Maree, and there and then on the spot, i decided that they’ll be that big on my back(after some rationalising and foresight with the tattooist).

But one thing i will always remember was the time in which i did my tattoo. I did it at the time when i was starting to go through the long and crazy flare that lasted 6 months, and had me back out of my ballet exam. I recall crying on the bus(very insconspicuously) because it seemed like i had to hang up my ballet shoes. I was in a lot of pain, physically and emotionally. So i guess it is rather apt to say that Kate & Maree came at the time when i was at low point, especially with something i love so much. Well if i can’t dance, Kate can, and her arabesque is MUCH NICER than mine! 😀

But simply said, i don’t have a real reason for getting it. Nor was i trying to look for my identity(i think that was already done and dusted by that point of time, like seriously!). I just wanted one, and the timing was all too appropriate.

Well. I do what makes me happy. Who cares? 😉


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