RA Musings

Before i conk out on my bed from being concussed due to the lack of sleep, high usage of neurons and the long day i’ve had… I just want to say that…

I’ve NEVER met a fellow RA patient face to face before. In fact, i don’t know anyone with RA. I do know some people on an online arthritis forum though(that’s in my links). I have only by far, known a patient with RA, but he was not admitted due to RA, so it’s another story.

So to speak, i will not know what to say if i ever do get to know a fellow RA-er. *sigh* And i believe there isn’t a RA support group around that i know of… Lupus yes, ankylosing spondylitis yes, but RA nope. 😦 I would think that i have a lot to share if i ever meet a fellow RA-er. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone who knows exactly how it feels? Just for once, you don’t get undermined(because people don’t understand). That’ll be really nice!

Anyhow, it will break my heart to see anyone i know or love develop RA. Because no one else deserves this. And till this very day, i’m still hoping and crossing my fingers that Sam will not go on to develop RA.
That i’m sure, will break my heart more than ever, and she definitely doesn’t deserve it.

Please no!!! Not anyone i know…


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