In sociology class, we were asked to share something about our family that was memorable- something we did together as a family.

Well, i didn’t know what to say. Family dinners every Saturday are good, but we would inevitably start arguing/quarreling, so nope.

Dad helping Mum when she was diagnosed with her heart condition, and us chipping in by joining her in her unappetizing diet, reminding her to keep exercising… This was a good aspect to share.

Except that that was a one-off incident, and i was unfortunately, not a recipient of such a thing. It is such a regret really. And this is something that i’ll never quite forget for many years to come, until i can bring myself to forgive them for their crude and senseless ignorance and insensitivitiy.

Well it seems that we as beings tend to forget the good things that were done when bad things happen. I fail to appreciate everything good about my family.

And that’s not a very good thing. *sigh* I guess i’ve gotta wake up my idea, and embrace the way things are.

I’ve not been talking to Dad, just like i said i wouldn’t because he told me to ‘keep quiet’. 3 more nights to go. And he’d thought i wouldn’t last. Well, i meant it, and it is true that no one is indispensable.


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