I had my hair cut today. Yes, again. Because i was getting irritated with how long it was getting, how messy it was, and taking into consideration how therapeutic it is to lose some hair. It’s much shorter this time, and i can’t decide if i like it or not. *sigh*

Day 20 yesterday. I skipped a HCQ dose. It was undeliberate!!! But i know how easy it is to slip away yet again if i don’t pick up from where i’ve left. I was just 1 day shy of 21 days- the 21 days it takes to make/change/break a habit. I can do it! Please Steph. Just this daily HCQ isn’t that difficult! Arava and MTX tomorrow. Hoping for the least of toxicities. Don’t need it at a time like this.

My last day teaching will be on the 26th of June. However reluctant i am to let go of my older girls, i have to leave. And quite contrary to what i said to them, i might just make a clean break and ‘disappear’ from the face of the studio. Yups. I might do just that. That leaves me 3 more working Saturdays to wrap up and finish what i have to do and pass them on to the teacher taking over. Well, i’m sure she’ll do a much better job. Because afterall i’m an underqualified and impatient teacher.

I have been teaching my good ol’ brother how to dilute and withdraw drugs from a vial, and how to do IM and SC injections. Because apparently they don’t really do a good job teaching medics how to do things like these. IM deltoid, 5ml without aspiration? Insane. Well we don’t really learn how to dilute and withdraw, but we do that a lot in the wards. Plus i have my own vials at home to practise. He managed to bring home Hydrocortisone powder vials too. LOL. Teaching him is also revision for myself. So that’s good.

Ho-hum. Can’t make up my mind on a lot of things. It’s kinda like make or break, do or die type of things.


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