I shall stop with the micro-management. Macro-management it is, if i want to stay sane and see myself through the end of the semester.

In so many ways, we are all irresponsible. *hmm* During training today, i felt like i was given a tight slap on the face(i’m sure many others felt that way too) to wake me up from lalaland. It’s not justifiable that i’m practising lesser than i should, and yes i ought to be ashamed of myself. As usual, feelings of inadequacy are ever so pervasive. It’s just how we make it out to be, and how we can use it for ourselves, and not against us. So i guess in school as in life, you either make it or break it. There’s no room to dangle in the grey area. Unless we want to be mediocre beings for the rest of our lives. All or none!

‘Fake it till you make it’? Maybe?

Though the stress has reduced considerably, things are not so favourable as of now. Just when i thought things turned for the better, especially for my knee, it took a U-turn again. *sigh* Thank goodness i’m doing nothing like chest compressions at this point of time in school. If not i’m totally dead! Things will get better i’m sure, as always! And no i’m not about to turn to pred, or even diclofenac. Let it be!


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