ETT and Shopping!

Endotracheal Intubation Lesson:

The right bronchus is the wrong bronchus, and the left bronchus is not the right bronchus. So the wrong bronchus is the right bronchus.

🙂 One of the complications of endotracheal intubation is the intubation of the right bronchus(which is the wrong one because it has to sit right above the carina).

Lab today was FUNNY! 😀 Such are the days that we will reminisce. Next week will be our last week in nursing lab classes for our time in school. 😦

I went shopping with SAMMY WHAMMY! Omg. You know, after she worked in Miu Miu, and since she went into design school, she has become more knowledgeable on all things fashion. Today, we walked into almost every high-end store, despite my hesitance. Tod’s, Salvatore Ferragamo, Car Shoe, Miu Miu, Mulberry, Chloe, Tiffany & Co., Coach, Kate Spade, Bally, Anteprima, Furla, On Peddar, Marc Jacobs, BCBGMaxazria etc. 🙂 Notice that we didn’t step in stores like LV and Gucci, which we think are too overstated.

I declare that Car Shoe loafers are BETTER than Tod’s loafers!!! Though the latter’s loafer are more coveted, once you’ve tried Car Shoe’s loafers, you’ll not want to go back to Tod’s! I’m so tempted to buy a pair of Tod’s because they were on sale for $300+, which is such a steal! In comparison, Car Shoe has the one i like at $730. HUGE difference!

I spent $200+ in Promod(i know… of all places…) on 2 white maxi-dresses and a black cardigan. Promod is the 2nd shop that has maxi-dresses which is of the right length for me(the 1st being Gap). The dresses are so pretty, but my body doesn’t do them any justice. Oh well! $30 off since i spent over $180! GSS ftw!

🙂 Shopping with Sam is now so much more enjoyable. I guess she’s no longer my ‘little’ sister anymore! Such a joy seeing her growing up and maturing slowly into a fine young lady with a great boyfriend whom i approve of as a future brother-in-law. 😀


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