I just gymed, after i took a long long hiatus. I always head to the stationary bike because it BURNS CALORIES!

But but but. I think i wrecked my knees in burning that 500cal in that short 40min. Weeks of sedentary lifestyle plus overcompensating with my right knee/quads and weakening of my left knee/quads… Not very wise to have started so quickly into my usual regimen. 😦 Hope they’re fine coming morning.

I shall swim tomorrow to give them a break, and get a full body work out! I’ve been getting too disgustingly fat, i’m a whale. *bleah*

Anyhow, sometime, somehow, i’ll not be able to exercise like how i used to. Perhaps another decade or so, or shorter than that if i’m not careful. I hope my knees can last me through, as least until i’ve lost some weight!


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