Honestly speaking, at this very moment, i’m very tempted to see a doctor in the morning/afternoon to get an MC.

I’ve stopped wanting MCs since i left JC. I’ve not taken an MC for legitimate reasons in a long time actually. That being said, i’ve never used RA as a pretext to get the day off to rest at home.

Now, i am truly tired of trying to be able to go to school/work every single day, bad day or not. Totally fine with functioning normally when i have a good day. But on a not-so-good day, going to school/work as per normal can get really tough. I’ve never imagined resting at home on a bad day though.

Today(which is technically already Thursday), i’m feeling very lethargic and in pain. Long zhong tia, so it goes in Hokkien, which means everywhere pain. I reckon it must be the post-MTX flare. That plus the lack of adequate sleep, and the colder-than-usual weather.

I’m hurting from my shoulders all the way down to my toes. Is that a good enough reason to stay home and rest? Apparently not methinks. As much as i’d like to call in sick and stay home, i can’t and i won’t.

But i’m sure the day will come when i will take an MC on a bad day, because every single day spent not in remission will always contribute to deterioration, in my honest opinion and from what i’ve observed with myself.

I need a good sleep, but i have to wake up 5 hours later. *meh* Hoping joints will get tamed by the time the dawn breaks so i can start my day right.


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