Oh my. Monday blues? I started off the day on a wrong note by taking MTX on an empty stomach. I should’ve known better, because i was feeling nauseous the whole day. Plus my throat was hurting so badly, and the peculiar ulcers that are growing. I was taking Panadol Extra 6 hourly, and there was breakthrough pain no matter how. I’m tempted to take Tramadol, but that’ll make me puke without any anti-emetic. *aargh*

Koi bubble tea is too over-hyped, methinks. It wasn’t as good as it’s been said to be. Sadded.

Met up my ballet teacher at long last! 🙂 Haven’t seen her in eons!

I think i may need to see a doc soon. But i don’t have the time. Wednesday maybe. Then again, i’ll not be surprised if things start to get better within a day or two. So perhaps i won’t need to see one. Don’t like to see the doc for trivial matters. So lame.

School again tomorrow. Self-directed activities will also turn out to be less productive than originally planned. I hope i can get things done.


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