Something’s going on, but i’m not sick. I’ve been having very weird mouth lesions, and a very painful throat(odynophagia). For a while i thought i was getting HFMD, but the lesions are isolated to my mouth, and i have no other symptoms. I do think that the pain in my pharynx is caused by ulcers there. Gosh. Bless my throat. It was saved by panadol and diclofenac…

After teaching yesterday(which was really bad cos’ i was very highly strung), we went to Borge’s 21st birthday dinner. Oosh has such a nice ambience, and Borge was a really great host! It was great to see him after such a long time, and i kinda miss hanging out with him! I still fondly remember talking to him when i was thinking of leaving JC! 🙂 Just that we just didn’t have enough time to chat more! Another time i guess!


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