Oh happy day!

The day before i turn 20, i have 2 new wounds to nurse- a new tattoo and a superficial wound from falling during riding lesson.

I had my tattoo done at the same place i did Kate & Maree. My tattooist wasn’t around anymore, but another more experienced tattoist did it for me. Dano also did her frst tattoo! 🙂 It doesn’t really look good now, cos’ it’s a very light color, and what you’ll mostly see is blood and what not. I’ll post another photo when it’s all better! HELLO KITTY FTW!!! 🙂

1st proper riding lesson, and i FELL. 😦 And i was still saying that i hoped i wouldn’t fall. I fell because i braked while turning- i tend to accelerate when i get scared. That’s bad, but now i’m trying to brake slowly whenever i’m in doubt. Hehehe… I fell on my left, but my right side was more injured. I have a very superficial abrasion under my jeans, 1 huge bruise and a couple of smaller ones. 😦 Thank goodness i was wearing jeans, guards and what not. Scared my brother cos he was right behind me when i fell. It’s kinda fun now that we’re actually riding the bike around, but kinda scary and confusing too. I shouldn’t be scared of falling anyhow. Part of the learning process. 🙂 We’ll see how the next lessons go!

I can’t post photos now cos’ it’s Mum’s laptop. Will do so soon. I have my new tattoo up on my Tumblr though, if you want to see it now.

Sam and her boyfriend bought me a Forever Friends Ballerina Bear, and brother got me Pokemon SoulSilver for my DS Lite! 😀 😀 😀


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