Day 2

Finally a pic of my HK bow tattoo. This was taken some 5-6 hours after getting it done. As you can see, it was quite bloody.

Today is day 2, and it still looks quite the same. The reason why it’s so pink/red is because the light color of the ink allows the blood and what not to be seen. It should fade lighter as it heals within a week of two, i hope.

I won’t mention where this tatt is placed. It’s for me to know, and for you to find out. Ask me if you want to know! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. I found your blog while looking at images of Hello Kitty tattoos. I was wondering about yours… is it a white ink tattoo? Also, I was wondering where it is, since you said ask you if we were curious. I would have just sent you a message but I can’t figure out how to do that. I hope that you see this since this is such an old post. P.S. I am an RN too. i am so sorry to see you are sick and unable to practice at the bedside. 😦 That would make me very sad too.

    • Hi Wendy! Yes my Hello Kitty bow tattoo is a white one. It is on the ulnar aspect of my arm, at the wrist. Do u like it?

      Nice to hear from another RN! It makes me really sad to to be able to do bedside nursing. But I guess, it’ll be all in good time.


      • I love it!! I have really been wanting a white tattoo! How does it look now? Still good? I have been kind of worried that it won’t look good after a while.

      • Hi Wendy! It still looks good until now! I think it’s partially due to the fact that it seldom gets exposed to the sun. But no worries. If it starts to fade, you can always have it touched up!

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