I’m 20!

I am finally 20, and no longer a ‘teen’! 🙂

I spent the day with Mum and Sam, and later joined by Dad and Bro for a family dinner. Thought i’d shop a lot, but in the end, i only bought Hello Kitty collectible pearl cards(yes i know), Loccitane Lavender Hand Gel(sanitiser), a notebook from Kikki.K(yes again) and Allure July. Amazing much?

We had a good dinner at The Nautilus Project in Ion. Good food!!! I clumsily knocked down my glass of iced tea when we had barely started on the food. *bleah* So embarrassing. A lot of seafood, a large chunk of medium rare beef tenderloin, and ice cream. 🙂

No birthday cake cos’ it was too much of a hassle. Heck. It’ll mean more calories anyway! Anyhow, i’m glad this year’s birthday went well without much of a hitch!

And thank you for all the well-wishes! I deeply appreciate them! ❤ Photos next time!

Dadmum knows about my new tattoo. But they have yet to find out about my fall from the motorcycle. The haematomas(bruises) are getting really bad, and it’s only today that i realise why my whole calf was throbbing and hurting.On my calf alone, i have 3 huge bruises, the largest being the most painful one that appeared the latest and around the superficial abrasion. Small bruises here and there on my left leg and right arm. Amazing how a minor fall can cause so much ‘damage’. I’m hoping dadmum won’t find out, but that’s gonna be difficult. *bleah* Bet my rheumy’s gonna ask me about the bruises too when i see her next week…


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